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Are you looking for an accommodation in Rzeszow? Below you will find some offers which will help you choose a facility that is best suited to your needs. Find it based on location, standards or catering.

Hotel Rzeszów ✩✩✩✩ (Hotel)

The Rzeszow Hotel is the biggest business object in Rzeszow. The best localization in the city center and perfect cuisine. Multifuncional conference rooms for meetings and trainings, a SPA and fitness room for our guests.

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Metropolitan ✩✩✩✩ (Hotel)

The Metropolitan Hotel is modern and comfortable place in the main square of Rzeszow.

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Apart Hotel 12 (Hotel)

Apart hotel 12 was created for people who look for and appreciate homey atmosphere. Apart from convenient rooms and suits, we invite you to our Podpromie restaurant and Wake up coffee café. In your free time we recommend...

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Bristol Tradition & Luxury ✩✩✩✩✩ (Hotel)

The Bristol Tradition and Luxury Hotel is located near our main square. Guests have individually furnished rooms at their disposal which the decor is establishing to works of designers from Poland and of Scandinavia...

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Hotel Ferdynand/ B&B Hotel (Hotel)

A quiet hotel located 12 km from the Rzeszów-Jasionka International Airport, a ten-minute walk from the Sanctuary of the Mother of God of Rzeszów and thirteen minutes from the District Museum in Rzeszów. Th...

Grand Boutique (Hotel)

The Grand Boutique Hotel is based in the historic building in Rzeszów, 50 metres from the main square. The object offers luxury and originally organised rooms with WiFi free of charge and the TV set with the access to sa...

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Hotel Andersen (Hotel)

Andersen is a cheap hotel offering a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle and traffic, as well as good Polish cuisine make it an ideal place for relaxation, training, wedding or integration meetings.

Hotel Fryderyk (Hotel)

The hotel, along with its adjacent annex, where restaurants are located, is located around the courtyard opposite the park. Access to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Rzeszów - which is a basilica with a religious order - ta...

Zimowit (Hotel)

The Zimowit Hotel is located 12 km from the Rzeszów-Jasionka International Airport. Free WiFi is available in the entire hotel.Our guests can choose the colour of their room.

Hotel Horyzont (Hotel)

An intimate hotel located by the highway in a residential area, a 7-minute walk from the Rzeszów Zwięczyca train station and 4 km from the historic castle in Rzeszów. Practical rooms with a subdued design offer fr...


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