Frequently asked questions and answers

Here you will receive information regarding the most important aspects of Rzeszow security, transportation and tourism in our city.

Yes, there is a paid parking zone in Rzeszow.

The map of the paid parking zones as well as tariff you can find HERE

There are several free car parks in Rzeszów.

You can find a list of free car parks here.

The map of places with free internet in Rzeszow you can find HERE

The bus stop is localised close to the passenger terminal. Average time of the transit to the city centre is 35 minutes (depending on the traffic).

  • Bus line 51 from the airport to the city centre (Bardowskiego street)
  • Bus line 53 from the airport to the city centre (Jana Kasprowicza street)


You can buy the ticket:

  • from the driver (payment with cash, only Polish zloty),
  • at the ticket machine in the buses number 51, 53 (payment with cash, credit card, debit card),
  • in the Relay store localised inside the passenger terminal at the level 0.

All information and the bus schedule you can find HERE

All information about possibilities of moving around Rzeszow you can find HERE

Rzeszow is a kid-friendly and disabled-friendly city. All information about interesting possibilities of spending time with children you can find HERE

We especially recommend:

  • the Museum of Bedtime Cartoons
  • the Underground Tourist Route
  • Lisia Góra
  • the Multimedia Fountain
  • ROSiR swimming pools.

Tourist information about Rzeszow and the region:

  • Podkarpackie Regional Tourism Board

        2 Grunwaldzka street (from the Matejki street side), 35-068 Rzeszów

        +48 17 852 00 09

  • Podkarpackie Tourism Portal

  • Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society, Rzeszow Unit

        2 Matejki street, 35-064 Rzeszów

        +48 17 853 67 55

Komisariaty policji

  • ul. Rejtana 34
    35-328 Rzeszów
  • ul.Obrońców Poczty  Gdańskiej 14
    35-509 Rzeszów

  • ul. Jagiellońska 13
    35-959 Rzeszów


SOR Rzeszów

  • Kliniczny Szpital Wojewódzki Nr 2 Im. Św. Jadwigi Królowej w Rzeszowie
    ul. Lwowska 60
    35-301 Rzeszów

W sytuacji, gdy zgubisz lub skradziono Ci dokumentu, w pierwszej kolejności:

  • Information about registration of permanent residence and cancelling it you can find HERE
  • Information about registration of temporary residence and cancelling it you can find HERE


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